ID Card Holder (Rubberized)

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Product details of ID Card Holder

  • ☑️ 1-Card Holder: Inner size: 11*7CM. Suitable for 2 standard-sized cards like credit cards, ID cards, access cards, passes or clipper cards. But fit 1 proximity card or RFID badge ONLY!
  • ☑️ Quick Access: Easy to open the case by sliding the back cover up and close the case by sliding it down. A cinch to encase or remove your badges or cards without effort.
  • ☑️ Dual-purpose: Ideal for displaying your ID card due to its clear front window. And easy to hide the magnetic card on the back for frequent scanning without removing the case.
  • ☑️ Hard Plastic: Made of light but heavy-duty plastic which is resistant to heat, wear, or breaking. Completely seal your cards in to prevent folding, color fading, scratching, or loss.
  • ☑️ Easy to Carry: Handy to attach to a retractable badge reel, lanyard, or flat strap through the middle slot. Great for office staff, firemen, maintenance workers, students, doctors, etc.

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